Useful Features Help In Team Building In NBA Live Mobile Game

It is all about team building and management of the roster in NBA Live Mobile game. The features in the game provide all the required and relevant help to build the most formidable team. I could get to know all about the strengths and weakness of the players whom I wanted to include in my team from the rankings along with their skill set. This helped me a lot in the selection process. Initially, I had to start with low-key players as I was provided with a starter pack. Slowly, as I leveled up in the game, I was able to purchase players according to my choice with the available resources.

The resources are available in plenty all throughout the game when I participated in the numerous live events, competitions and head to head matches. Apart from that I also used the nba live mobile hack to have a good amount of coins in my stock. I purchased card packs according to my choice of players to include the player in my team. I could also get acquisitions from the game’s auction house where I could buy as well as sell players of my choice and requirement. The items that I received for completing collections and through rewards also helped me a lot in changing my team into a powerhouse.

There are also tutorials that helped me throughout the game. Such intuitive tutorials of NBA Live Mobile game provided me with the basics of the game play, and it helped me to play the game effectively. I found it very easy as the control keys were minimum, actually three in number only apart from the digital joystick on the left of my mobile screen. With the three buttons, I could perform several functions in both offense and defense mode. I could drive, shoot and run and could also guard and block whenever required. As there are no optional control schemes, things were very simple for me.


The modes of game play are also basic and primary. The first mode is the ‘Season’ which is a 14 game session with three playoffs against teams controlled by AI. When I won enough of the season games, I was offered to play the three playoffs as well. This led me to the one-off final game. Once I won that I was offered with lots of rewards and a chance to play with better against better teams in marginally better competition in the next season. This provided me a chance to level up in the game and along with it gave me an opportunity to improve my team ranking. It also gave me enough match practice which made me confident as I progressed.

There are live events which made the game all the more interesting to me. These are mini games which also offered me coins and rewards and each had an objective. There are new live events that are added daily in the game. Head to head games is also one such feature which made the game attractive and exciting as well. But the primary concern of the game is to build an ultimate team.

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